How to Motivate People: 3 Easy Ways for Trainers

Looking for the most easiest ways on how to motivate people?

If yes, then you are at the best place on MotivationPros as here I am going to discuss how you can easily motivate someone or a group of people.

Trainers and motivational speakers nowadays are really active and helping thousands of people to get motivated and do work for their success by that motivation power.
How to Motivate People: 3 Easy Ways for Trainers

Here, in this article I will share 3 easy ways for trainers to motivate people so that they will not just get motivated but say thanks to you.

So lets read:

How do you motivate others?

Well for me its one kind of greatest ways to deliver back to the community and share your knowledge with others who are still struggling or just starting to achieve their life goals.

If you are a trainer then you must know how to train others and motivate them do best for their own-selves. 

So here are 3 easy ways to motivate people:
  1. Get to Know People
  2. Treat People Kindly
  3. Encourage People to Achieve their Goals
This is how you can lead a group of people and develop leadership skills in you (as leadership and motivation is not different) while helping others succeed. Lets dive deep in to these tips.

1. Get to Know People

The first step to know how to motivate people is knowing them.

If you don't them and start providing tips and saying motivational quotes then nobody will understand your words and nobody will get motivated because of you.

You can follow below steps to know about a group of people with an example:
  • For example: You are going on a motivational seminar in a girls college
  • What if you are a buy (gentleman) and don't know anything about girls college?
  • Just before 2/3 days or even 24 hours before the event, you should go to the college and listen to teachers, sit with principle and voice chancellor, meet with students and go to the class rooms
  • I bet you will get 5/6 points to talk about in your motivational speech
This is why every top motivational speaker and best trainer arrives in seminars before the exact time of seminar.

They walk through the attendees and listen to them, observe everything which is here and there and read people's minds for easily making people engage with your thoughts and words.

2. Treat People Kindly

When you are in them and surrounded by people who are really thinking that you are an expert and a very humble person, show them you are.

You can tell them that you are respected personality by treating them kindly and listening to their statements. You can do this by:
  • Being humble and friendly so that they can talk about what they think about a particular topic
  • Ask a few questions like what they want you to talk about or how they thinks that you can help them
  • Always use a friendly and smooth tone while talking to people you are just about to give a motivating speech
  • Try to find stories inside people and ask them questions while your speech and encourage them to answer that questions by their own
  • Engage them with you and always give them your contact details (email and website or social profiles not a phone number)
These are some basic ways to treat people kindly and learn how to motivate them in a easiest way possible.

Just make sure that you are not asking personal questions like why they are not scoring well in exams and what are the problems they face at home. You should motivate them and not interact with their lives.

3. Encourage People to Achieve their Goals

This is the main point for what you are a trainer and for what there are motivational speakers and this is why people attend motivational seminars.

Everybody wants a direction in his/her life and if you can help them find that, they will see you as a mentor and guider of their lives.

How you can encourage people? read:
  • Show your own failure stories first and laugh on them and then talk about your success stories
  • Now explain how you actually succeeded in your goals and become a successful person
  • Tell them that there's nothing new or uncommon in successful and unsuccessful people
  • Show them how big players has been struggling for their goals
  • Always tell them that whatever they are thinking to do is easy and they can do it with will power
You can also do this by cleverly answering to questions asked by the audience.

Cheer-up your audience with jokes (in a professional way) and don't forget speaking manners. Don't even dare to talk about your best friend's stories.

Just talk about your own experiences and also let your audience talk about their experiences, this way you can engage them and let them explain why they are important or how they are not getting successful.

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