Motivation: What is that?

Finding an answer to what is motivation? or searching for definition of motivation word? Well the definition is:
  • Motivation is something people do to achieve their own made goals and fulfill their needs or complete a task for their own happiness and success in life.
Hopefully there are many experts and professionals who are doing their best to motivate people and let them try to find their purpose of being on earth so that they will not just live and die, but do something they are made for.
Motivation: What is that? Explained with Examples and Types of It

Let me answer some frequently asked questions about motivation so that you will easily understand what motivation really is. So the first question is:

1. What is motivation explain?

There are theories about this question and they try to explain it really very well, like drive reduction theories on motivation suggests that people act on things and do different types of work with soul and body to reduce the needs and get others inspired by their work which should have a title of successful work or the person needs to have word expert next to his name.

However, all of this type of theories are wrong for many cases as there are moments when humans don't react when they are motivated to act and they just don't do that. There are a number of cases where people knows everything, but they still keep with the same thing for an example:
  • People who smoke cigarettes, knows that they are killing themselves and want to stop that habits but still they are smoking on daily basis
Yes, it is a medical condition and our body needs that thing which we are eating or drinking on a daily basis and for a long time.

Only motivation can't remove that habit from our minds.

But still, motivation is something that make you at-least try to thrive and do something that can stop you from a particular habit or make you able to do something for getting success.

Motivation can charge your inner soul and make your mind fresh to take a jump start and do the thing you want to do but afraid of.

2. Is there types of motivation?

Experts says that motivation is everywhere, and whenever you do something (even when you drink water) there's something in you which is motivating you to do certain thing or take a step towards something.

Today there are two types of motivation:
  1. Intrinsic Motivation: Autonomy, Relatedness and Competence
  2. Extrinsic Motivation: Money, Praise, Competition and Threat of a punishment
Extrinsic motivation is something when you know that you are going to get rewarded for the actions you are going to perform or you are sure about something and that is making you do a particular thing.

While Intrinsic motivation is not for everyone and there is something hidden in people who have this motivation type. It is not easily recognizable and people with this type of motivation can't really do well in real life.
So its better to get motivated from a person who is successful, not a person who still learning and giving you expert advice on the same thing which he is still studying. - said by Umer Idrisi

3. Ways to Motivate Yourself

After answering some common questions about motivation, here comes the question which everybody asks and love to read about. So if you are trying hard to motivate yourself for doing something in your life and you are being failed every time then here is what you should do.

I always do this and return with positive feelings and higher energy, I think this is the best way to motivate yourself:
  • Just leave everything and take a good sleep
  • I know you will not able to take sleep as you have to work on your dreams
  • Now don't worry and close your eyes, start thinking about your dream work
  • Don't think that what will happen if you failed to do it
  • Just think about what will happen when you got success?
  • How much your life will be changed after getting success in something your trying to do?
If you think that the dream is really cool and it is not possible then go ahead and start your work, but if you think that the dream is not that big and you can easily do it then leave it and think about another thing which is not suitable for you.

Because for me the motivation is what leads you to do something which you can't really do and the only motivation can help you do that and achieve the highest peak in your life that is when you become happier.

While there are other ways to motivate yourself like:
  • Listening to the motivational speakers
  • Reading about your favorite personality's failure stories
  • Knowing facts of universe
  • Listening to the official anthem of your country
  • Asking your parents about your childhood dreams
And so much other ways are there, but the best way is already explained above and I am doing that. Just try that and you will feel great.

How do you motivate someone who is unmotivated?

Well this is something a professional can handle very well, but if there's a problem and you need to motivate someone who is unmotivated because of any particular reason then there are some ways you can really do it.

Just read how you can motivate the unmotivated people:
  • Leave them for a while
  • When you think they are not crying and stable sit with them
  • Now start with your own failure stories (if you can't remember then create fakes)
  • Try to pamper that person with laughing at your own-self and say how stupid I was
  • After telling some (3/4) failure stories, try to explain how you did that and got success after getting failed hundreds of times
This is the way I motivate those people who are unmotivated and they really pay a big thanks to me on a later time.

Yes, I said if you don't have stories then make fakes and that is totally right in eyes of myself. If you think its wrong then you can talk about famous people's failure stories. (its up to you)

I am done with explaining what is motivation and how to motivate yourself or help others with motivation. However, if you more help and tips then stay with me and I will update you with a lot more ways to be happy and get success in your hands. Thanks for the read!